Alternative Building Methods

Over the last couple of years we have been looking at ways in which to build smarter, greener, more Eco friendly homes for our customers.

We have to date completed three Green houses. One in the Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, Stand 383, constructed using a permanent polystyrene shutter system called a TF System and one in Clear Water Estate using a space frame system.

We are in the process of constructing a home in Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate using a system called Robust Structure and have completed a speculation home, Stand 627, using another polystyrene shutter system, which has been developed locally.


TF System is a permanent polystyrene shutter system.


Space frame is a 90mm thick wire mesh construction with a layer of polyurethane sprayed into it to create insulation. for outer load bearing walls the frame is staked double and for internal walls it is used singularly. this mesh is then packed with a mix of cement, river and plaster sand to form a 20MPA concrete. For more info visit